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Teeth whitening treatment in Tunbridge Wells

Many of us have discoloured or stained teeth, either occurring naturally or as a result of diet or smoking. Too much red wine or coffee and insufficient oral hygiene can be major contributory factors. Much of this can be corrected using one of the most accessible, non-invasive and cost- effective cosmetic dentistry procedures – teeth whitening. The treatment is usually spread over two appointments.

At the first appointment, we will record the current shade of your teeth and take some impressions for our laboratory to make your custom trays. Then, at the second appointment, we will fit the trays and demonstrate how to use the kit at home. Over a period of just a few weeks you will see a significant difference in the shade of your teeth.

Our teeth whitening services are very affordable, non-invasive and a pain-free way to a great new smile. Please call our friendly team to find out more.

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