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Endodontics in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Root canal treatment, more formally known as endodontics, is required when the soft inner pulp of the tooth becomes infected, often leading to quite intense pain and in some cases an abscess at the base of the tooth. Whilst this does sound quite severe, in many cases we can save the tooth from extraction using root canal therapy. This is performed under local anaesthetic and contrary to popular belief is no more uncomfortable than a standard filling.

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What does the root therapy procedure involve?

First of all our dentist will drill into the top of the tooth to access the inner structure and root. The decay and infected structures are then removed until the remaining tooth material is completely sound. Depending on the level of the infection, it may be possible to seal the tooth with a standard filling but in cases where the decay has been extensive, we need to fill the cavity with a latex derivative to replace the missing pulp.

In cases where the pulp has been removed the tooth is effectively dead and needs to be strengthened with a protective crown. The crown will protect and seal the underlying tooth preventing further decay and offering protection.

Root canal therapy is now a routine dental procedure and not to be feared. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly team and we will be pleased to assist.

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