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The traditional way to replace missing teeth is using a denture. Whilst not as effective and convenient as a dental implant, some people prefer the traditional denture for cost and/or familiarity reasons.

Dentures can be fixed or removable – fixed dentures are typically more expensive than removable ones but are generally far more comfortable and functional. An example of a fixed denture is a full- arch of teeth on a bridge that is fixed in place by four dental implants; an increasingly popular process known as ‘all on 4’. However, single lost teeth can also be replaced with dentures. Removable dentures are exactly as described in that they can be removed for cleaning. Whilst the quality and fit of removable dentures has improved markedly in the last ten years, they can still become uncomfortable as time progresses, your gums recede and your bite changes slightly. This can result in the denture becoming loose, sore and sometimes embarrassing to wear. At this point it is time to consider a fixed denture or perhaps an implant retained version – here four ‘mini’ implants are placed, typically in the lower jaw to form a secure anchor point for the denture; a process known as implant-retained dentures.

Our experienced dental team will be very pleased to advise the options that are available to you.

How long will my dentures last?

There is no fixed time for a particular type of denture but removable dentures should remain in good order for at least ten years if looked after well whereas some fixed dentures can last in excess of twenty years.

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