Dental bridges in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

One option for ‘bridging’ the gap left by a lost tooth is the use of a dental bridge. Replacing missing teeth is important not just for aesthetic reasons but also functional ones – if left, a gap between the teeth can lead to the adjacent teeth growing crookedly leading to more severe problems in the long term.

The dental ‘bridge’ is the term used to describe the false tooth and anchoring mechanism used to fill the gap left by a missing tooth. Typically, the new tooth will be anchored to two adjacent teeth which are prepared and ‘crowned’ to form a firm foundation. The bridge should appear and function exactly like a normal tooth, significantly enhancing your appearance and improving the overall function of your mouth.

Looking after your bridge

A dental bridge needs to be cleaned carefully every day to prevent problems like bad breath and gum disease. Food can be caught under the false tooth so it is important to remove this using special floss – our dentist will be please to demonstrate exactly how to do this.

If looked after carefully, your dental bridge should last 10 -15 years or more.

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